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    • S3 - Operations

      Operational Schedule

      The official schedule of this unit is as follows; All times are presented as UTC -5 Hours. The unit operates on a 2-week rotation.

      The days expected of members to attend are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday each week. Events will typically start at 19:00 or 20:00 depending on the event.

      Time to completion for events will range from 1-3 hours for meetings and trainings, and 2-4 hours for operations and exercises, though these TTC's may fluctuate depending on the event and day in which it is held.

      S7 - Training

      Training Pipeline

      Training classes are conducted monthly for OTC and weekly for A&S, the  primary course for to-be-operators is OTC which includes four phases over a period of 2 weeks.

      These phases are taught by experienced real world military and arma veterans who have also attended, graduated OTC and demonstrated the required skills to teach the training curriculum.

      The four phases of OTC are as follows; Phase I: Basic Skills, Phase II: Small Unit Tactics, Phase III: Close Quarters Battle, Phase IV: Irregular Warfare.

      S4 - Logistics

      The Mission of the Unit

      The unit’s mission is to provide a serious and enjoyable military simulation experience. The goal is to draw a member base that takes on challenges and breaks the stigma around Milsim.

      We pride ourselves in hard work through training together to become a more cohesive unit. The result of hours of training together will be a fluid, professional group of operators that effectively communicate and get the job done.

      We live by the mantra of always learning and becoming a better version of yourself.

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