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NEW Recruit Guide- Your First Steps to become apart of the 2ndID!

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Welcome to the 2nd Infantry Division Realism unit :: Second to None


Thank you for the interest in joining the 2ndID. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


What we expect from you when joining!:

Real Life comes first and always will, but lets us know before taking the leave!

Once Squads are more established they will be posting training times via discord and the website!

Accountability is all that we ask for!

What are the the minimum standards in joining the 2ndID?

Before joining the 2nd Infantry Division, please read the following requirements. If you do not meet any of the current requirements, please contact a member and we would be more than welcome to help you in any way  possible. You MUST meet all of the requirements to be eligible for enlistment. Failure to meet any of the requirements will result in your application being denied.

Minimum age of 15 years.

Mature, disciplined & positive attitude.

Must speak English.

You may be apart of more than one community but must meet out minimum active duty requirements. 

Ability to attend events that are schedule two weeks prior that require attendance  

Must be willing to rock our awesome [2ndID] 



First step in becoming an E-Solider is fill out an Application Form

Once you have been notified via website Private message or discord on your acceptance you will receive more instructions from your Training Coordinator. 



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